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In order to institutionalise various activities of the IAPPD, the following Centres/Departments have been established within the premises of the association.

Sat Paul Mittal Centre for Parliamentarians on Population and Development

Established in the fond memory of Late Shri Sat Paul Mittal, M.P. and Chairman, IAPPD, for his contribution in the field of population all over the world, the Centre cater to the needs of Parliamentarians irrespective of their party affiliation and ideological differences for data, information, advise, research and training in their endeavour to reconcile population trends with the requirements of development. Since the IAPPD's main goal is to secure active participation of the elected people's representatives in population-development integration which would lead to population stabilization as early as possible, the centre conducts below mentioned activities:

  • Organises debates and discussions concerning various aspects of population- development integration among Parliamentarians on the one hand and among subject matter specialists, concerned officials and leaders of public opinion on the other.
  • Organises and conducts orientation and training courses to promote understanding of the crucial issues. ,
  • Helps Parliamentarians in designing, executing and monitoring local level projects of economic, social demographic and environmental development.
  • Undertakes Parliamentary-constituency level research projects in the field of population and its social and economic correlates.
  • Establishes and runs library documentation services on the varied aspects of population and related developmental issues on a regular basis.
  • Compiles, collates and disseminates data and information the topics related to population, development and environment.
  • Prepares and publishes reports, memoranda, monographs and periodicals to further the aims and objectives of the IAPPD.
  • Monitors the trends in population and related programmes of social and economic development.

Department of Drugs / Substance Abuse and HIV / AIDS

  • The IAPPD has a large mandate of addressirig the human development issues which are interlinked among various population segments. In this respect, a Department of Drugs /Substance Abuse and HIV / AIDS has been set -up to address the following issues:
  • Advocating for a committed National Policy and Programme on Drugs/Substance use issues, as agreed at the UN General Assembly resolution in 1988.
  • Encouraging discussion on the floor of the house on Drugs/Substance Abuse issues affecting major population groups especially young, adults and adolescents' population.
  • Convincing and motivating the elected leaders to re-visit this issue in their respective constituencies.
  • Bringing the issues of intra-venous drug users (IVDUs) and HIV / AIDS into the
    purview of Drugs/Substance Use.
  • Emphasizing the gender implications of Drugs/Substance Use issues.
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