Striving for a Better Tomorrow

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Aims & Obejctives

 The primary aims and objectives of the IAPPD are to:
  • Promote and facilitate the role of Parliamentarians/Legislators/Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), and members of local bodies in resolving the problems of population and development by their active involvement;
  • Work for increasing awareness among all sections of the population for an ideal small family through mass campaigns at different levels;
  • Identify the exact nature of the problems population and development through surveys and research with a view to evolve specific role of parliamentarians in the solution population problems and to publish its results through journals, etc. and to undertake such other publications to generate public interest in solving these problems;
  • Sponsor conferances of Parliamentarian focus public attention with a view to enlist public co-operation and participation of people in the sphere of population and development programmes; and
  • Promote the idea of drawing constituency level integrated developmental plans focussing with a focus on voluntary self-restrain on population growth.
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